Writing in the Rain

I’ve been waiting for a rainy day to ‘get some writing done’.  I put this in quotes because, well, it is something that I have in my head as something to be done, but something that very rarely gets done.  Well, it is raining.  And, oddly, I have the added benefit of not having a drivable vehicle at my disposal.  So it would seem I have zero reason for not working on the second draft of the first part of my memoir.  Or starting the exercises in one of the two writing books I bought, “Old Friend from Far Away” and “The Weekend Novelist”.  But I’m not doing that.  Why is this?

One possible answer–as soon as I put anything on my to-do list, even if it is a mental list, it suddenly becomes something to be avoided.  I completely cleaned out and reorganized a very messy bookshelf this morning.  That was very easy, because while it clearly needed to be done, at no point did I say to myself ‘boy I sure better get around to that’.  And now it is clean and tidy…and absolutely no writing or even reading about writing has been done.  And I sit at my computer and type this, because I don’t have to do this either.

I believe I will start right now telling myself that I don’t have to write.  Ever.  I, Tracy, never have to write anything ever again.  Maybe that will be motivational.


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