For the past four years, I’ve avoided going anywhere. I stopped doing things I loved–music festivals, rites of spring–because they were far away. I became a hobbit. But I thought that was a natural progression. After all, I did all of those things searching for a life…ok let’s be honest here, I was searching for a guy. So once I found one, I stopped searching and thus stopped doing everything else.

But I was wrong. Finding someone to love, deciding to spend your life with that person, settling down–that’s not the end of exploring who you are. That’s a great jumping off point to continue that quest. There is an amazing freedom in knowing that you can go out into the world, take risks, try new things even if they might fail (and this trip just might end poorly) and still have a solid place to return to. And in that place, someone will love you even if you did fail. And, as an added bonus, none of your houseplants died while you were gone.


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