Kingston, NY

I decided to get off the New York State throughway at exit 19, which my gps assured me was the Woodstock exit. What my gps failed to mention was that there was a big, scary traffic circle right off the exit, and I promptly found myself quite lost. I followed signs to ‘historic Kingston’, and very quickly arrived in a rather quaint looking town. Ok it was quaint for a two block radius. In exploring this tiny area for maybe fifteen minutes, I was stared at maybe ten times. I went in to a few little shops– many were closed on Tuesdays– but just didn’t feel right, what with all the staring. I left 20 minutes on my meter and determined to find Woodstock. Thousands of hippies managed to make their way there…how hard could it be?


One response to “Kingston, NY

  1. Had you but jumped over the Kingston/rhinecliff bridge to Annandale you’d be at Bard- modern hippie Mecca :;

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