My kind of traffic

As I’m sitting here waiting for the welcome lecture and evening readings to begin I am flipping through my pictures, and am amused by the ones below. I took them on the way here and yes, I fully realize I should not be taking pictures whilst driving. But it was so beautiful. And not in any stunning calander picture fashion– it was more like ‘ I can’t believe this is a major road’. It was better than hiking. Empty roads winding through Green Mountain National Park, listening to Cat Stevens (I wanted James Taylor, he seems New England-y, but I didn’t have anything)…you can’t get much better than that.


One response to “My kind of traffic

  1. Enjoyed every word of your blogs are quite the photographer. But, please, no more taking pictures whilst driving :o) I’ve been working 11 hour days…soo soo tired. Hope you learn a lot. The time will go very fast for you I’m sure. xoxoxo

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