Road Trip

I had planned to get some sort of road trip in during my time here, and this morning I sat down with the schedule to figure out if and when a trip would be possible. I discovered that the ONLY time in the next ten days that I could get away for even a little bit without missing something kind of major (‘kind of major’ includes many categories of events, some that I simply just really want to attend) is tomorrow. And tomorrow isn’t just the only day–it seems like the perfect day, as the morning lecture is the only morning lecture that does not interest me at all, and my workshop does not meet in the morning. So I could take the entire morning and go into Burlington, and I just spent a good twenty minutes googling ‘things to do in Burlington’–there are many–and compiling a list. (I’m on a real sized computer in the Mac Lab right now with a real keyboard–it is GREAT!) Or, if I don’t mind missing a panel discussion on publication (which, let’s just be honest here, is a far away dream at this point. If I’ve learned one thing so far this summer about writing, it is that I’m not as good as I previously assumed. I wasn’t comparing myself to the right people.) I could go west into New York State and check out the lakes–Lake Placid and Saranac Lake, to be specific. According to the tourism website, there is a scenic train that goes between the two towns. It looks lovely, and is only $12. We shall see tomorrow if I do one or the other–the short trip to Burlington or the long trip to New York. Or if–and this is far more likely–I just stay here and give up my dreams of exploring a previously un-explored-by-me region. That last option sure sounds a lot like something I would do.


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