NCTE Convention, Philadelphia–Day Two

The first thing I did on my second day here was kiss Doug goodbye for the day. He was spending the day several blocks away at the National Writing Project portion of the conference. And I was genuinely sad to see him go and to know I was to be on my own for the whole day. That feeling lasted…about four minutes. I suddenly realized ‘I was to be on my own for the whole day!’ I could go and do whatever I wanted, and I had a color coded schedule to follow–or not follow, if I chose. What could be better?

The answer to that question–the actual day was better than I could have ever hoped. I found that, with my afore mentioned color coded schedule, I could go from workshop to workshop as I pleased if for any reason I didn’t like the workshop I was in. I strongly suggest the color coded schedule to future conference attendees.

And…here is where I give up typing this on my phone at a convention. There is just too much going on, and Doug just texted me, which caused the last three paragraphs I typed to not save (I’ve decided to let him live…for now) I’ll be breaking my own rule again later, when I return to my precious computer (which I miss very much!)

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