Ok. That worked.

Whew! I thought blog on the run was done for. I’m having some odd connectivity issues in this hotel, even though I’m only using the 3G. Hmmm. Could be the lovely ‘inside room’ we were given–I thought those only existed on cruise ships. I was wrong.

Anyway, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–the key to travel blogging is travelling alone. I love my husband, and as such, refuse to spend my time away with him writing my most random thoughts–though I so love writing said thoughts. And as it took me the entire duration of his shower to write these two short paragraphs, I’ll be breaking my own rule again tomorrow. Unless he does not mind me writing as he drives the 180 miles back home. But I think he just might. I sure would.


2 responses to “Ok. That worked.

  1. WOW! I’m impressed. You do everything from your iPhone? Cool. Do you use the WordPress iPhone app. I just downloaded the new version last night and it is better than the previous. I only use it to check for and approve comments though. I’ve never posted from the phone. Now I’ll have to try.

    As far as LINGER goes, I absolutely loved it. At first I wasn’t sure because she threw in the new character POVs, but once I got used to their voices I couldn’t put it down. LOVED LOVED LOVED it.

    So, will you be going to NCTE in Orlando? I will. I also stay for ALAN which is the Monday and Tuesday after NCTE. You should check that out too.

    • on that blog, yes, i try to. i traveled quite a bit this summer, and so i set up the blog to fulfill my blogging need while away from home. and yes, i use the app, and i did just update it, and it is working much better. i just this morning started a book blog–it will be nothing as amazing as yours, but it is a start–to link to my school website. i’m kind of excited about it–thanks for the inspiration! and yes, i’ll be in orlando one way or another. i’d love (LOVE!) to stay for ALAN, but the way our school year works, those two days are always parent-teacher conferences, so there is literally no way i can ever make it. it is snowing here right now, so i’m hoping to finish linger this evening. i did get more into it as i read–i like isabel’s voice a lot. she’s very sarcastic.

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