Paris Squared

Welcome to the first installation of A Tale of Two Cities.  If you’ve come here looking for answers to your tenth grade take-home essay on Dickens, I’m sorry but I fear you will be disappointed.  This blog is about two cities; one of them Paris–as in Dickens–and one of them Las Vegas.  Last time I checked, there are no great novels written about Vegas (though check out ‘Fear and Loathing in…’).

This summer, my husband and I will be visiting both cities, one for the first time and one for the second, and due to poor or, at least, ironic planning, we will be staying at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, a mere eleven days before we leave for France.  I’m calling it ‘Bright Light City meets The City of Light’; I am only doing this because my husband pointed out that it is ‘kind of neat’–rather than ‘very lame’–that we are doing both in the same month.  I’m picturing lots of pictures labeled ‘us at the fake Eiffel Tower’ and ‘us at the real Eiffel Tower’.  But we shall see.


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