And Italy Makes Three

Please note:  I just did something that does not fit with the theme of this blog.  Not at all.  In fact, if I was grading this blog as I grade my student work, I would deduct points for ‘stays on topic’.  The name of this blog is A Tale of Two Cities.  The web address is Paris Squared.  And I went and messed it all up.

It all started on Tuesday night.  I was fed up with working on my ‘master’s paper’, and so I was browsing a certain website’s helpline (I may have mentioned it on here before…) and happened across a post about a great deal on an apartment….in Florence.  Said post-er attached the vrbo link to the message, I followed it, and found….our third city.

We will now be staying in Florence, Italy, for five days before we arrive in Paris.  We will be doing so for such an insanely small amount of money, my husband actually stated “It would be like pissing in God’s face to NOT go there–clearly we are supposed to”.  Can’t really argue with that.  Seriously.  I can’t argue with that.  How does one argue with that???

I cannot believe I get to plan a trip to two major European cities–cities we will be visiting in less than six months.  I could not be more excited.  I’m so glad we didn’t piss off…er…on….God.

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