Leaving on a Jet Plane?

As I’ve started this blog to document the planning–and eventual execution–of this trip, I figured I might as well include some of the not-so-great parts.  Not-so-great part #1: worrying about airfare.  Right now we’ve booked the lodging part of our trip–the stay in the two apartments–but not the transportation.  And this is stressing me out, mainly because right now there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it.  It is far too early to book flights; if we book right now, we’d be spending a fortune, and that’s not the point of this trip–the point of this trip is ‘do as much as possible for as little as possible for as long as possible’.  But the problem is this–booking flights inside of Europe–say from Paris to Florence and/or vice versa–is very cheap RIGHT NOW.  But I can’t book that part until I book the big part, which is HERE to either Paris or Florence.  And I’m really hoping I can get a good deal on flights into one city–Florence–and out of another–Paris–to avoid having to fly TO AND FROM Florence once we cross the Atlantic.  Wow–I thought writing about it would help me feel better, but alas, it did not!  And I’d love to take the train, but the trip from Florence to Paris is a LOOOONG overnight train, and more expensive than any flight I’ve found.  So we will be flying–I just don’t know when, to where, or how much it is going to cost.  Yep–I’m starting to worry.  If only I could shut this part of my brain off until March or April–the part of my brain that plans.  But I fear that is most of my brain and thus, should I shut it down, I’d stop breathing!


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