The Dark Side

I am unbelievably frustrated at this moment, and felt that I should share, in case anyone ever reads this and feels the same way.  Here are my reasons:

1.  I am not getting ‘good’ feedback about summer air costs.  I put ‘good’ in quotes, because it actually IS good in that it is honest; it is NOT good because it is not what I wanted to hear.  I did NOT plan on spending as much money on airfare as I think we are going to have to spend.

2.  My husband just found out about another work commitment today that shortens our trip and makes our travel time even less flexible.  To be fair, it does mean that NEXT summer we’ll be able to take another trip (which my husband did not fail to immediately point out, after he broke the news), as we will be able to afford it (the work commitment is related to a promotion) BUT…who knows if we will have time next year, what with the promotion and all.  It seems people either have time or money.  We’ve always had time.  Right now, we don’t have either.

3.  I’m a spoiled brat who wants to go wherever I want whenever I want.  Perhaps I’ll abandon my (admittedly great) husband and stay in Europe without him.  THAT would be interesting! (Note:  I’m not actually going to do that.  But I’m thinking about it–which is important to note.)

So here’s how I’m going to deal with this–given the fact that we will be saving money by making our (admittedly already very long ) trip ‘shorter’, I am going to look into last minute deals for Easter weekend cruises.  To Bermuda.  Take that Two Cities!  (Note: that’s a trip that is clearly not ever going to happen, but I can still search.  Right?)


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