On Money

In keeping with the honestly theme of this blog, I thought I should post the most recent revelation I’ve had about our trip.

It is going to cost a lot of money.

And then the second, almost immediate revelation.

We do NOT have a lot of money.

We were–and are–planning on financing this trip using a combination of frugal living and credit.  Frugal living–meaning ‘right now I am cooking dinner that I made for under $4’ and decisions like ‘no, I don’t REALLY need that new skirt/purse/book’, and credit meaning, well, credit.  The frugal living part is coming along nicely–I put money away for every meal we do not eat out, and for every item I do not purchase.  Thus, our actual day to day life is not affected, we just eat a lot more pasta and I have the same purse for a bit longer–but we save money.  The credit part was something I was just counting on–and then I found out how much we ALREADY have on our credit card.


To be fair, we have a medium-term plan (that’s something between short term and long term) for paying off our current balance before we even leave the ground on our first trip–the Vegas trip–the cost of which is INCLUDED in our current balance.  But said current balance really served as a wake-up call.  I’m thinking it is not a curse but a blessing that we can’t add yet another week to the trip.  And that interim trip that I wanted to take sometime in the next few months–yeah, that’s not going to happen, either.

I must go tend my $4 dinner now.  And polish my purse.


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