Change–The Only Constant; Part I

I just got amazing advice from someone on–such good advice, in fact, that I’m not writing dot com to avoid a possible link on this page.  Imagine that!  I was just informed about Iceland Express–an airline that is even cheaper than Iceland Air.  I went to the website expecting nothing impressive, and found this: a round trip flight from Newark to London for $700.  This is what I’ve been waiting for.  What.  I’ve.  Been.  Waiting.  For.  Yes, that many fragments are needed.

So now I’m thinking–London and Paris.  A Tale of Two Cities literally brought to life.  I realize I’d like to go to Amsterdam, and Florence would be great, but to be fair, I started out this trip planning only wanting to go to Paris.  And London would be lovely I’m sure.  I’ll have to do some research before I book the flight–but I’m just so happy that the option exists.  Again–stay tuned!


2 responses to “Change–The Only Constant; Part I

  1. Priceline is your friend.

    London is $$$. But it’s also a great priceline city for a short stay is helpful. There’s also but not a friendly site!

    • i was hoping to use priceline–i’ve not looked into it yet, but i’m glad to hear it is an option. i spoke with my husband, and we were thinking about traveling about for a few days to some smaller towns, which might help keep cost down (or increase cost with transportation–i don’t really know yet!)

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