Easy Hotel

I found this hotel chain whilst googling ‘Budget London Lodging’, and my husband and I are seriously considering it–it is called Easy Hotel.  I discovered, after about one minute’s worth of research, that it is owned by the same company as Easy Jet (duh) and that it caters to people like us, who just want somewhere to sleep, pee, and shower–AND ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE.  They are impossibly small–around 30 square feet including the bathroom–and that’s for the larger rooms.  Some measure in at 18 square feet!  We originally thought that this would be fine; after all, we spent our honeymoon on a cruise ship.  How much smaller could it be, right?  The answer–most cruise ships standard non-balcony rooms are 210 square feet.  I cannot even imagine how small 30 must be!

But we are still considering it. Quite seriously.

But I have even more research to do.  For example, I would swear on many things dear to me that I researched fares from London to Paris on the Eurostar Chunnel, and it was a total of $112 per person round trip.  The Rick Steves London book that I just bought states that “a one-way full-fare ticket runs from $425-$300”.  Seriously?  Because that’s not ok.  For that price I’ll swim, thank you very much!


5 responses to “Easy Hotel

  1. I saw Rick’s numbers the other day and agree with you. He’s high.

    Don’t buy via RailEurope. Try SNCF or BritRail (not sure britrail works, but SNCF will) Do a google search, somewhere there are instructions on how to buy on SNCF.

    • Yeah–I posted this question on the helpline, and lots of people reassured me that I can, in fact, find fares around $110–easily. I feel much better now!

  2. We’re doing EasyHotel Victoria but we will only be there for 1 night. We really like the idea and really its not much more than a hostel for 2 with your own private room & bathroom. The Victoria looked like a good location, as well as Earls Court.

  3. I stayed in a room in Hong Kong that was this small and windowless and remember how difficult it was for the person on the far side of the bed to get there. I thought “fire hazard” for that reason – although it was probably no more a fire hazard than other rooms.

    • i wasn’t really concerned about fire, though now i would be! i hadn’t thought of that. it was more difficult getting ready in the morning, though i’m sure had someone filmed it, it would have been REALLY funny!

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