Official Decision–London, Baby!

We made an official decision!  Yay!  And by ‘official decision’ I mean ‘we actually booked and paid for things’.  I did way too much research, and found that lodging in London is crazy expensive, yet oddly cheaper on the weekends; because of this, we will be spending our six nights in London at two different locations.  Our plan is as follows:

Fly out of somewhere near here–Philly, Newark, or NYC–late on Monday night.

Arrive in London at some point on Tuesday.

And now here’s where the official-ness begins…

Spend Tuesday night and Wednesday night at Easy Hotel Victoria, in the scary small room.

Spend Thursday night through Sunday night at The Hoxton, which got nothing but fantastic reviews, for a very small amount of money, as weekend rates are much less expensive.  We splurged on Thursday night, because we don’t think that we can take more than two nights at Easy Hotel.  It really is ridiculously small.

This is all booked and paid for, which means several things…


2.  I’m SUPER excited!!!!

3.  I must book our Eurostar trip asap.  I will do that tomorrow.

4.  We MUST pack light, as we are staying in a closet-sized room for two nights, and dragging all of our possessions around for at least three days–the day we arrive and the day we leave Easy Hotel–as well as on the trip from London to Paris and back.

5.  Because we must pack light, I must now research backpacks.  I’m so glad that I continue to have things to research!

6.  I can stop buying guide books for cities we won’t be visiting, and I can put Iceland and Florence on the shelf.

7.  I must email the Florence rental place RIGHT NOW to cancel our reservations.  I must also post a blog stating that the rental is now available for the dates we are cancelling.  Additionally, I get to look forward to visiting Italy next summer.

8.  Did I mention I’m super excited?  Because I am!!!!!

2 responses to “Official Decision–London, Baby!

  1. I meant the Florence apt in my PM on Rick I’ll let you know how we like the florence apt for when you go on your next trip!

    • Thanks! I’m just now emailing her to let her know we are canceling it–but we definitely want to visit next summer. or maybe even over christmas…hmmm….

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