Thank You Visa

Everyone knows that you need to alert your credit card company when you are traveling anywhere out-of-the-ordinary.  But you also have to alert them if you are spending money on anything out of the ordinary–say, for example, making reservations online for a hotel that charges in Pounds instead of Dollars.  The lovely people from Visa called us–and emailed me–yesterday morning to let us know that there had been some ‘suspicious activity’ on our card; a short call back straightened it all out.  And I suppose I should be annoyed by this, but really I’m kind of glad–now I know that if our card was ever stolen, Visa would alert us, likely before we’d even have noticed it was gone.

In other news, the lovely woman on the business report segment of the morning news told me this morning–at the ungodly hour of 5:40–that the Euro ‘isn’t doing so well’, and urged Americans to do what they do best–take advantage of that, specifically by planning a European vacation.  Done and done!


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