Why Not?

I write this blog for many reasons; one reason is to help organize my thoughts.  And I’m needing some serious thought organization.

I’ve been given official ‘permission’–and that is in quotes because really, I don’t ever ask for permission, I just do things–to stay in Europe after my husband has returned home.  He has to come home, or else we would be staying longer–he has to work, and I’ve planned our trip up until almost his literal last hour available.  He can just suck it up and deal with jet lag at work.  But it is not MY last hour available–in fact, when I look at our calendar, I see all of his days filled in, and all of mine empty.  Which means I can either return home and water the garden for a month until I return to school, or stay behind and visit all kinds of amazing places I’ve always wanted to see.  Oh which option will I pick?

Clearly, I’ve already chosen.  See how helpful writing is for making decisions?

Now I get to decide what I want to do and how I want to do it, all on my own.  And I get to slash have to spend as little money as possible.  I’ve already perused all of the major hostel websites, and plotted an insane course through the UK via coach rather than train.  It seems you can get a bus pass for far less than a rail pass (I’m assuming because traveling by bus sucks exponentially more than traveling by train).  I’ve landed on the UK for two very good reasons–one, it seems extra-mean of me to make my husband not only fly back alone, but also take the trip from Paris to London all by himself and two, it makes sense for me to travel solo in a foreign country that at least speaks English (not that my husband would be any help, well, anywhere, in that regards).  But I have to admit that I’m still kicking around a trip to Switzerland and Italy on my own.  Though I might have to sell major organs and/or get my husband VERY drunk near a credit card to make that happen.

Plus I like the idea of more time in England.  And Scotland.  And Wales.  Actually, I like Wales a lot.  There’s a really freaking big castle there.  Many, actually.  And I’m having an odd love affair with the idea of Edinburgh, though getting a room there during that time period is going to be expensive, and for good reason–the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is that week.  Which I super want to go to.  And I’ve also looked into ferries to Dublin.  Because…why not?  Right?  Why not.


3 responses to “Why Not?

  1. What I would give to have a month at home just to water my garden… Although vacation is a good thing…you can actually have too much of a good thing….sharing vacation time with someone you love is what life is all about…wondering around alone will not be as “rewarding” as you see it in your imagination. It will be lonely…you will wish you had come home with your husband. That is my 6 am comment. I have been up since 4:30…happy to be watching the news with the cat in my lap…but I remembered I wanted to order a toaster cover…so found myself at the computer…wondered into facebook…don’t know what drew me to it…but it must have been this blog thing calling to me :o)

    • I love that you put ‘mom’ in as author, though it is pretty clear you ARE my mom from the content of that comment! Don’t worry, I’ll come back–just not for a few extra days. And then I will water my garden!

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