Bag Lady

Thanks to the dozens of email lists I’m currently on, I received an email today that eBags was having a 25% off sale.  So I bought a bag.  Ok–actually, I bought two bags.  You see, I stupidly gave my husband options.  Men don’t need options.  Men don’t want options.  And when you give a man an option, you are bound to be annoyed.  So I was forced to buy two different bags to compare them to each other.  The first was the one I’d already picked out for myself–a Kelty Redwing 3100 (pictured left).  It got great reviews, many from people who used it as a carry on.  Which, for me, is its purpose–as well as ‘only piece of luggage for a five week trip’.  I’d already decided on this bag for myself, as it looks more comfortable than the other option–an eBags exclusive, the Weekender bag (pictured right).  My husband was wary of the Kelty because, quote, it did not come with the Carry On Seal of Approval.  I tried explaining to him that of COURSE it had a little seal of approval–it was being sold on its own company’s website.  But he got all twitchy and uncomfortable.  What if the Kelty doesn’t fit?  Huh?  Huh?  What then?  I decided against ripping my hair out, and just ordered both of them.  Thankfully eBags accepts ‘Bill Me Later’, so I’ll just return the one we don’t want without ever having paid for it…and then order another of the one we like.  I’m putting money on it being the one I chose–once he sees they are not only the same size, but that the Kelty is much more comfortable.  And I’m such a big person I’m willing to admit publicly, right here in a future post, if I am wrong.  I shall title the entry ‘I Was Wrong’.  But don’t hold your breath.


4 responses to “Bag Lady

  1. We decided on the kelty redwing 3100 too. We tried it out at a sports store and it was great. We actually got it on but I don’t think it was on sale. 😦 We have a few easyjet flights so we’ll have to get duffel bags to put them in because they are too big – I think any bag is pretty much too big for easyjet (stinklers!)

    • have you used it and are you pleased with it? i couldn’t even find one in a store (perhaps because it is February!)–we had to order it to even try it on. we’re so far out from our actual trip, though, that we figure we could do this with a dozen bags if we had to. and i don’t buy anything not on sale–though sadly, i found one on, but they had a less forgiving return policy. should we like it we will buy the second one from campmor. being thrifty is often very complicated!

  2. “When you give a man an option you’re bound to be annoyed”? Hmmmm….that sounds like a great story! Sort of like “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”, Or “If You Give a Moose a Muffin”!

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