Kelty 3100 BoxIt actually hurts to type those words.  I…was…wrong.  And it does not get easier each time.  Sigh.  Oh well.  Backpack #1 was, in fact, too big.  I was afraid when I saw the box it was shipped in–see picture to the left.  Even the box looked big.  And that was from the street as I pulled into the driveway–not a good sign.  I thought maybe it was just Kelty 3100packed in a really big box–nope.  Exactly the same size as the box.  See picture to the right.  And even if it would fit as a carry on–or even if we didn’t care if it would–it was just too big.  Empty, it covered my entire back, from mid-butt to mid neck.  Not what I was going for.  Oh well.  This is why we started the ‘order and return’ experiment several months in advance.

I’ve since printed the return label–which was actually very easy to do–and ordered another one, the same bag, but the 2650.  I’m thinking that might be a better size–though it is scary to think I’ll have to fit everything I’m taking for five weeks into a bag that has been reviewed as a book bag.  I keep telling myself that I wear the same three outfits all summer anyway, so it shouldn’t be any more difficult to do so on a different continent.  Because really, what do I have to bring with me?  A wallet-sized toiletry kit–three ounces each of my shampoo and conditioner, a toothbrush, travel sized toothpaste, and deodorant–three skirts, three tops, a pair of pants, a summer dress, four pairs of underwear, and an extra bra.  My kindle, my camera, chargers for both, an outlet adapter, and maybe a tiny fold up poncho.  That’s it.  That really does not seem like that much.  Right?  Someone please tell me I’m right!


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