Packing Practice Post #1

I turned on the news on Sunday night and saw a 90 second story about the Philadelphia Flower Show–I immediately paused it, made my husband watch it, and asked him if he’d go with me the following Saturday.  It is now Thursday, and we’re leaving tomorrow immediately after work for Philadelphia–only 50 or so miles away–for two nights.  We’re going to the art museum for Art after 5, staying over, sleeping in, going to the flower show, hopefully meeting a friend for drinks, going out for dinner, staying over again, sleeping in again, and coming home.  I could not be more happy about my weekend.  It would be impossible to be more happy.  The only way I could be more happy would be if I was doing this for almost no money–oh wait–I AM!  Thank you Priceline’s Name Your Own Price.  For the money I”m saving by not going to happy hour tomorrow after work, I’ve paid for a night at the Mariott.

So of course, I thought this would be a good opportunity to practice packing light.  I’ve already packed–it took a total of 12 minutes, another bonus of light packing.  Here is what I will be taking:

–A small toiletry bag (already packed in bag shown) with about an ounce of my own shampoo and conditioner, travel sized deodorant and hairspray, a small tube of tinted moisturizer, and a toothbrush.

–A black dress, a brown necklace, and two pairs of underwear (already packed in bag shown).

–A pair of brown tights and a brown Old Navy stretchy skirt (already packed in bag shown)

–And…that’s it.

I’ll be wearing a top that can go with the skirt if it has to, depending upon where we eat, and the best pair of boots ever (in front of and to the right of bag shown), that will match the outfit I’m wearing down (to the right of bag shown).  They will work for jeans, with the skirt if I have to wear it, as well as with the dress.

I honestly feel that packing light starts with one really great pair of shoes.  One pair.  Of really great shoes.  Just one.  No more.  This is, in my opinion, where many women go wrong in wardrobe planning.  I took something like six pairs of shoes to Vegas for a week last summer.  And I wore the same pair everywhere–to the pool, to Cirque du Soleil, to dinner, to Red Rock Canyon.  And why?  Because they were comfortable.  And really, comfort conquers all.

Again, I could be very, very wrong.  I will report back with this possible–nay, probable–wrongness in Packing Practice Post #2, most likely subtitled ‘things I should have brought, but didn’t’.  Though, hopefully, practice really will make perfect.

Please note:  ‘Bag Shown’ is shown unzipped to emphasize the fact that it is still, for the most part, empty.  I’ve already packed a toothbrush for my husband–other than that, he’s good with hotel toiletries or sharing mine, if need be.  He needs only pack bare essential clothing.  I’m interested to see if he can out-downsize me.  This should be interesting.


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