Yes Dear

During our evening ‘how was your day’ session, I informed my husband that I’m more-than-seriously considering adding Dublin to my Tracy Extension Trip.  He whined about wanting to go to Ireland some day, and that I’m ‘taking all of the good places’.  I told him ok–fine–that’s fair (though really it is not, because I’d be going to Prague and/or Amsterdam and/or Rome but for his insistence that I don’t step on any of his European dreams).  Tell me where you do NOT want to go, I said, and I’ll explore that area of Europe happily–I even offered up Spain and Portugal, as he’s never shown even the slightest of interest in bullfights or Flamenco, in cod or kale soup.  He fumbled about and finally found a book within an arm’s length that included a map of Europe.  He studied it briefly and responded–‘Ok–you can go to Luxembourg.  And Monaco.  Oh–and Andorra.  Have fun.’

I hurt myself laughing.


2 responses to “Yes Dear

  1. You know what my first thought was when I read a newspaper heading that said a country-sized chunk of ice had fallen off an Antarctic shelf when I found out they meant Luxembourg? ‘That’s a pretty small country.’ Yeah. I thought that. Me. Who believes in saving the environment. Have fun.

    • ha! that’s awesome! and you know, now that i think about it, it sounds like i was taking his suggestions. i wasn’t! (though i’m sure those are all lovely places) also–i heard about some large antarctic chunk, too, and i thought it was, well, BIGGER than that.

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