The World is Too Much With Me

I’m now contemplating Spain.  Not because the husband whined about Ireland, but because the husband whined about Ireland and so I started researching Barcelona, and as it turns out, Barcelona is freaking awesome.

I must be stopped.  This planning has gone too far.  The problem is, when given fifteen options, I will explore all fifteen and whittle my choices down to twelve–at the least.  I honestly spent maybe an hour tonight looking into how cheaply I could travel from Paris to Barcelona to Lisbon (which needs a whole extra post that I don’t have the energy for right now) to…DUBLIN (take THAT husband!)…to London (for to fly back home).  Sigh.  Thank god the sun came out today–I’ll be too busy gardening for the next few weeks to continue contemplation.  Or at least I’m hoping that’s what will happen.

Bonus–if anyone gets the deep, self-depreciating irony of the title of this post, you advance directly to level seven nerd (with plus five charisma).  Double bonus if you got that reference.


2 responses to “The World is Too Much With Me

  1. Look into easyjet. We booked our flight from Barcelona to London (oneway) for under 40 euros each. I’d imagine your route would be the same or cheaper. For any travel involving Ireland, try aerlingus. I just got an email that their summer fares are up.

    • Thanks–I’ve looked at easyjet–that sounds about right. For only $60 more than the cheapest eurostar trip from Paris to London I can fly from Paris to Barcelona to London. But for an extra $30 I can fly into Dublin…

      Thank god my husband has ruled out most of Europe (as he wants to go darn near everywhere with me in the future–as of now anything east and north of France is out!), or I might never return!

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