Change–The Only Constant

As I continue to think about the Tracy Extension trip, I realize that I really should focus on more variety, coupled with longer, more in-depth experiences.  Thus my new new new plan #34–one week in Barcelona and then one week in Dublin.  Because really, Scotland and Ireland are redundant (don’t tell any Scots or Irish that I said that!)  And do you know where we’ll likely never go?  Spain.  It is all the way down and over–far away from all of the places my husband wants to go.  And the more I research it, the more I think Barcelona is the best idea I’ve had so far.  Amazing architecture?  Check.  Great food?  Can you say tapas?  Wine–check.  Side trips to amazing places–Montserrat.  Done.  Beaches, palm trees, and a whole new language I get to learn–check, check, and check.  I’m in.

As for Dublin, I still really want to go somewhere outside of London–and this seems like the best bet.  I realize it is crazy outside of London–but really, that makes it even more enticing.  Plus I’m pretty sure I’ll want to be somewhere cool and rainy after spending a week in a cheap, un-airconditioned room in Spain in August.

I have a theory that my computer wallpaper is plotting against me.  Or that, at the very least, that I have the computer wallpaper of doom.  I’ve been setting it to display google image pictures of places that I planned to visit.  First was Iceland.  That went to hell, so I posted a picture of a Florence church front.  When we canceled that leg of the journey, I selected a picture of Edinburgh Castle.  At this point, I absolutely refuse to change it to anything else I’d like to do.  I told my husband that I was contemplating posting a picture of a cemetery.

In other news, my order has been placed.  I will soon be the proud owner of a Toshiba Mini Netbook number-something-or-other.  As with all things I buy, I bought it after lots of research and then one random email telling me it was 30% off.  I’m now in the express lane headed towards flashpacking.  Damn I’m a nerd.  I keep waiting for my sidebar ads to start trying to sell me a pair of pre-broken and pre-taped in the middle glasses.


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