Backpack Verdict

Because one of the purposes of this blog is to provide info that I’ve looked for but could not find, here is my next installment of ‘The Search for the Perfect Backpack’.

Doug’s ‘backpack’ selection, the eBags Weekender, arrived today.  After deliberating for about an hour, he decided to send it back.  He asked me for my opinion, and of course I shared it with him–as I will with all of you.  First , I did actually consider returning my Kelty and getting one for myself.  I considered this for about two minutes, based only on the fact that yes, it did seem larger and thus could ‘fit more stuff’–see pictures below.  But then I tried it on, and my original assumption was correct–it felt exactly like carrying a suitcase on your back.  And this was trying it on totally empty.  But the real reason I decided against it–and the reason he decided against it as well–was the way the ‘convertible’ straps hooked on to the bag–see photo top left.  I tried to show perspective by including my hand in the picture, but the thing that holds the straps on to the bag (and thus, the bag on to your back) is a tiny little paper clip looking thing.  I just didn’t feel good about it, and neither did he.  So we will be sporting matching Kelty Redwing 2650s this summer.  But that’s ok, because we already know we are dorks–we might as well celebrate it.

Difference in thickness (or 'maybe they'll make a wallet?')

Kelty Redwing 2650 vs. eBags Weekender

How I will wear it in Spain. No, seriously.


4 responses to “Backpack Verdict

  1. If I may pick a bit – the weight of the bag is never on the little paper clip looking thing. It’s just there to keep the more substantial hook from falling off the ring when the strap is slack.

    But both DW and I have convertable roller/backpack suitcases, and I can count the time that either of us has actually worn it on our back on one hand. It’s one of those things that sounds good in theory but never is practical in real life. I think you might find that to be the case with the eBag as well.

  2. The Kelty Redwing is, in my opinion, one of the best bags out there, if not the best. Mine has been through, well, just about hell, and never let me down. Big enough for a six month trip, small enough for a weekend. After five years, it’s a bit dirty, but none the worst for wear.

    In response to Peter above, knwoing full well it all depends on where you travel – try rolling a bag through three days of Sahara heat along the Bandiagara Escarpment in Mali. Try rolling a bag in Lagos, Lome, Cotonou, or Accra. …up the hills in Sapa, Vietnam …through Kabul, Afghanistan (watch where you roll …landmines). I left rolling suitcase or rolling anything about a decade ago on the cobblestones of Venice, Italy. 2650 all the way…

    Good post,

    • thanks! i have to wholeheartedly agree with you–this backpack is the ONLY ‘luggage’ i’ll ever use. i’ve taken it everywhere i’ve been in the last year, and can honestly say i can’t think of a reason why i’d ever buy another bag (well, eventually this one will wear out…and then i’ll buy another one exactly the same!) and i do use it on my back all the time. it’s even convenient when flying solo (when there’s no one to watch your bag for you) Full disclosure–as a woman, you can even wear it while…ahem…using the facilities. i see so many women struggling to roll bags into airport restroom stalls…i don’t have that problem! I’m not quite as adventurous as you (yet!) but I’ve worn it on the tube in London, on the Metro in Paris, on all kinds of trains, buses, and through airports–so much easier than rolling something behind you! I even used it in Walt Disney World when locating my far away room in one of those giant, sprawling resort complexes!

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