To Book or Not To Book

‘To be or not to be?’ is lame…my question is ‘when should I stop planning and start booking?’ I’ve done oodles of research and introspection, and I super want to go to Barcelona.  And I’ve done oodles more research and oodles more introspection on where to stay and for how long, and I feel I have come up with the perfect plan.

The decision before was ‘hostel vs. hotel’, and I’ve decided that the best way for me to pick is to try out both options.  This makes the most sense, as this is an experimental trip to begin with–I’m practicing traveling alone, practicing traveling to a place where I do not speak the language, testing out a scary small European budget airline–I might as well practice staying at both a busy hostel and a lonely hotel.

So I shall stay for four nights at the Urbany Hostel, well located near all of the ‘stuff’ I want to see and do, and then when I’m sick of sharing a dorm with eight to sixteen women from around the world, I’ll be off to the Hotel Barcelona Princess (yes, that’s a terrible, terrible name) to have my own room with fancy bathroom, rooftop pool, and a five minute walk to the nicest beach in Barcelona (or a five minute walk to the metro, which will get me back to all of the afore mentioned ‘stuff’ in under twenty minutes).  And I shall do all of this for a total of $62 per night.  Which is not bad at all, in my humble opinion, and keeps me under my self-imposed budget for my solo trip–by four measly dollars.

I feel this is a good plan. Now all I need to do is BOOK IT ALREADY.  I’ve found the flight there, the rooms, the flight back to London for the return flight home.  So why haven’t I hit ‘book this now’ on any of these?  I honestly don’t know.  Must…stop…planning…must…start…doing.

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