Anyone with OCD will tell you that numbers are important.  My particular breed of OCD requires that things come in threes; thus, I feel much better now that I will be visiting a third city/country/culture this summer.  But aside from satisfying my compulsion, I’m super freaking unbelievably psyched that I will be going to Barcelona.  Barcelona.  Who knew?  Thank god my OCD also makes me research every single possibility before making a decision.

In case you can’t tell by the ‘super freaking unbelievably psyched’ above, I officially booked my solo trip transportation and lodging.  I will be flying from Paris to Barcelona and then Barcelona back to Lonodon on Easyjet and staying at The Hotel Caledonian for seven nights. I’m actually having trouble forming sentences because I am so excited.  Really.  It is that bad.

But I shall struggle on.

I feel that I made two very good decisions.  One, to stay at a hotel–a reasonably priced hotel and a hotel with an en suite bath–for the entire time.  And two, to book my flight back to London.

The hotel decision was a good one because I know myself–I’m an only child (with OCD) and I don’t think a dorm room would mix well with an experimental trip in a foreign country.  Plus there’s the whole safety issue–changing lodging would require walking around with all of my possessions for at least an additional afternoon (and dealing with hostel lockers).

The return flight decision was even better, as it totally rules out the (very real) possibility that I would try to extend the trip even further.  I’ve already cost-compared flights from Barcelona to London to flights from Barcelona to Edinburgh or Dublin–the cities I’m giving up to see a bit of Spain.  And really–I’m doing enough this summer.  I will be gone for four weeks.  That is more than enough.  So I will fly back to London a week after my husband flies home and fly back home to meet him.  Or, at the very most, I will fly back a few days AFTER I return to London.  I’d really like to see Bath.  And Canterbury.

Damn.  I have serious, serious issues.  Oh well–who cares.  I’m going to Barcelona!  Now–how do you say ‘issues’ in Spanish?


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