Why I Do What I Do

1.  I make crazy travel plans because it makes me happy–even the insane spreadsheet part.

2.  Planning makes me happy because it makes traveling easier, and traveling makes me happy.  Traveling makes me happy because I know wherever I go, it will change me–hopefully for the better.

3.  I want to change for the better because, well, everyone could do for some betterment.  Especially me.

4.  We are going to London because we are nerds–there’s a lot of nerd stuff in London.  The British Museum alone is enough of a reason.  Add to that the Tower of London and a side trip to Oxford–the nerd capitol of the world–and you have two happy nerds.

5.  We are going to Paris because I’ve always wanted to go there–period. (And because my husband wants only to make me happy.)  I took French for six years hoping to go to France some day.  I had posters of Versailles and Mont Saint Michel on my walls in middle school.  I’m 30–I get to go now.  Also, my love of food quite possibly trumps my love of travel–thus, to Paris we shall go.

5.  I am taking a trip alone because I need to know I can do it outside of the US.  I may ‘need’ to do it next summer–and I will, if the husband cannot come with me.

6.  I am going to Barcelona because I watched one 23 minute Rick Steves Europe episode and was smitten–I then did 23 hours of research, and decided it was, in fact, what I wanted.  It seems so different from London or Paris–it is exactly what I did not know I was looking for.  And really–how hard can it be to learn Spanish…in three months?

7.  I am writing this blog because maybe there is someone out there thinking of doing this, too.  And I want them to know–whoever they are–that other people share the same goals.  Because there are so many ways to live.  I want to be part of someone’s personal un-limiting.

8.  I am writing this entry because I fully realize that this blog is quite self-indulgent, especially considering how many posts I’ve already written.  But this is one of the few things I do for pure enjoyment–so I will continue to do it for as long as I can.

9.  I do things for pure enjoyment because, well, what would life be without senseless, fun things?

10.  I am writing this final reason because I need the list to have ten entries.


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