I’ll admit it, I was a bit upset about having to fly out a day later than I planned.  But it turns out that everything is actually working out better than according to plan.  I sent in inquiry (or, rather, enquiry) to easyHotel asking about a ‘late’ check in–as in ‘almost 24 hours late’.  They clearly state in the terms and conditions portion of the website that ‘Your room will be held for your arrival untill 10.00am the morning following the first night of your reservation – after that time the booking will be deemed cancelled.’  That is copy/pasted, folks.  Yet, when I emailed them–via a very impersonal inquiry (enquiry) form on the site, they responded that checking in after 10am on the next day–whatever time that may be–would not be a problem.  So though we are traveling over night, and landing at 8 in the morning, we will immediately have somewhere to shower and abandon our bags.  Thank you easyHotel.  I only hope our stay is as pleasant as the booking process.


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