Vive La JFK

I love sales.  They are my favorite thing ever.  And, more than that, I love email updates about sales.  Those are the best.  Because then you don’t miss said sales.

Today I received an email about an Expedia summer hotel sale.  It was the email I didn’t even know that I was waiting for.  You see, our flight leaves JFK at 5:45pm.  This would mean that we would have to take a 9am bus, arrive at noon, and sit around the airport for over five hours before taking off for a ten hour flight.  That sounds like it would really suck.

Instead, we are taking an any-time bus the night before, having dinner with the husband’s friends, staying over at the Thirty Thirty Hotel, sleeping in, having a leisurely lunch, and then taking a cab to the airport around 3-ish…before a ten hour flight.  That sounds much better, does it not?  And we get the added bonus of spending a day in New York before leaving for London.  Because really, that’s where all European vacations should begin.

I sincerely do not think it is possible for me to be any more excited about this trip.  And I forgot to mention–speaking of sales, I found out that we will be in Paris for the last two weeks–and thus the best two weeks–of the yearly summer sale, when the French government decrees that things can officially go on sale, and there are often markdowns of up to 80% off of retail.  And did I mention that the Euro is falling?  Yep–it is not possible for me to be any more excited.

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