Rick Steves-Style Travel Forum

Welcome to my little blog!  If you would like to participate in a ‘how was your trip’ forum, please comment on this post.  If enough people comment, I will happily do all of the work associated with setting up an actual forum on this site.

So…how was your trip?  Highlights?  Lowlights?  Things you wish you’d done differently?  Things you are glad you knew in advance?  Please feel free to comment on other people’s posts–that’s the point!


7 responses to “Rick Steves-Style Travel Forum

  1. Well count me in! Unfortunately I’m not travelling for another 211 days. In the early planning stages though. Twelve of the 17 days are booked, five nights to go!!

    • that just means that you get to look forward to the trip for 211 more days. and so far in advance with so much planned–that’s amazing!

  2. I don’t want you to worry, but on our last trip to Paris we had two Kindles stolen out of a daypack before we even got to our apartment.

    They’ve been replaced but I’d say that’s a travel lowlight…

    The highlight of travel is when you have enough saved for the trip to enjoy the trip without worrying about how you’re going to pay for that second glass of wine at lunch…

    Unsure when our next big trip is. We just spent a long weeken in Ft. Myers considering whether we’d like to buy a condo down there. Of course that would probably hamper future European trips!

  3. Count me in (I know I’m chiming in on this very after the fact). We found Paris to be one of the most sketchy cities so please be aware of your surroundings.

    • really? one of the most sketchy? this worries me, as we’ll be there for the majority of our trip. hmm. good to know that i should continue to be on alert.

  4. I’m so surprised to read that Jessica found Paris to be the “most sketchy cities”. I grew up there, have lived there twice, go there every year and just got back a week ago from a one month stay there. I don’t find it sketchy at all. It’s like you’re talking about a place I have never been to. I consider Paris to be the classiest, safest, most beautiful city I have ever been to. I am bewildered.

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