I finally made the last reservation for our trip.  Wait, I know what you are saying–didn’t you do that a while ago?  Yes, I said that a while ago, but I didn’t do that a while ago.  Since that post we decided to go to Amsterdam for a couple of days and booked that; since then our London day trip plans fell through and I had to come up with an alternative plan.

For some reason, this alternative plan was extremely difficult.  Even the booking of the Amsterdam trip from Paris was easier–we thought about that for 36 hours, did some basic research, and booked it.  But the London side trip was different.  Perhaps because we have such a short stay in London–only five days–I wanted to make sure that we were using our time as efficiently as possible.  But finally we are done.

The previously booked Bath and Stonehenge tour turned out to not exist, which is a long story not even worth writing down.  But it is all for the best, because for about half the amount of money we will be taking a train to Bath on our own.  We will have  four hours there with an unlimited bus pass before we embark upon our Mad Max half-day tour of Stonehenge and Lacock.  We will then return to Bath around 5:30, in time for an early dinner and a tour of the actual Roman Baths.  Our train leaves at 10:02pm, which, according to everything Rick Steves, means we get to enjoy Bath ‘after the tour buses depart’.  Rick Steves says these kinds of things a lot.

So basically, for half the price of a bus tour out of London that would have involved 9 hours on a bus and 90 minutes in Bath, we get to spend more than eight hours in Bath AND the husband gets to see Stonehenge.  And we have lunch at a thatched-roofed inn in Lacock.  On top of all of that, my husband gets to giggle at the name ‘Lacock’ for years to come.  I’m sure there will be lots of pictures of signs.  Hopefully it will be a great day for all.


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