Status Quo

So I freaked out about the Barce-ALONE-a portion of the trip.  Totally freaked out.  I had been reading too many Rick Steves helpline posts involving crazy itineraries, and I had decided that I was insane for scheduling a whole week in one city (one city, that is, that is not Paris.)  After all, in the amount of time I’d be in Barcelona, many people ‘do’ Amsterdam, Berlin, and Rome–despite how freaking far apart those cities are.

I did some research, and decided I was going to go to Granada and Madrid–in addition to Barcelona–in the same amount of time.  I discovered that I could cancel my hotel with no penalties, and I found a flight out of Madrid for one day later–still more than 24 hours before my flight home from London–for a mere 39 Euros.  And then I spent a lot of time researching Madrid and Granada.  I decided that I really would love to go to Granada–but that getting there would be insanely difficult and expensive.  I also decided that Madrid did not excite me, no matter how quick and cheap it would be to get there.  Thus, I decided to change nothing.  How unlike me is that?!?

I decided, in effect, that I didn’t want to ‘do’ cities or countries.  And I sincerely hope that was a good decision.


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