Viva Las List!

I’m kind of sad that our Vegas trip is almost upon us, because that means I can’t look forward to it anymore.  Though, to be fair, Vegas was more than eclipsed by the Europe planning, and the extent of my ‘looking forward’ was an occasional flip through my last year’s Vegas photo album on Facebook.  But today I bought Time Out Las Vegas, packed my bag, and now I’m just sitting around waiting for it to be Sunday.

While I sit around waiting, I thought it would be fun–and encourage forward-looking–to come up with a list.  Because I love lists.  So, without further ado, here’s the ‘Things I Didn’t Get To Do Last Year in Vegas That I Want To Do This Year’ list…

1.  Get off of the strip more, particularly for meals.

2.  Go inside the Bellagio and check out the botanical gardens.

3.  Visit the far south part of the strip.

4.  Whilst doing #3, visit the shark reef at Mandalay Bay.

5.  See LOVE–which should be easy, as we already have tickets.

6.  See a real comedian.  Bill Cosby is going to be there our last night–I’m contemplating buying tickets now.

7.  Go to ‘old Vegas’–downtown.  See the awful light show on Freemont street, and eat a 99 cent shrimp cocktail.

8.  Take better pictures, including a slew of photos that will convince a friend of mine that Vegas is beautiful (and much cooler than Disney World).

9.  This one probably isn’t going to happen still but…take a day trip to the Grand Canyon.

10.  Win money.  (Though I guess then ‘gamble’ would have to be on the list!)

2 responses to “Viva Las List!

  1. Hey there. Remember me? We’ve been back from our europalooza for a couple weeks and we are actually at this very second on the road moving to Texas. Loved almost every second of our trip. London was one of my fave cities out of the 10 we went to. What I wish someone had told me before we left- it goes by so fast so once ur there stop looking forward to tomorrow and enjoy the day (especially since some cities we were only there for 1-2 days), have maps of every place ur going (crucial), detouring from the plans is extremely fun, and eat and buy everything u want bcuz buyers remorse hurts. Regarding your Vegas trip – firefly tapas bar off the strip is fabulously amazing and the shopping between Mandalay Luxor and Excalibur is great as is the outlets by ULV. Have fun!!! Stay cool. Win big.

    • yes i do remember you! though i think i’ve lost your blog address–though i’ll look for it right now, as i’d love to hear about your trip! good luck with the move, and thanks for all of the comments–and the advice on vegas. so few people appreciate vegas for what it is–a haven of mindlessness. and, hopefully, given your comment, tapas! i’ll consider it an obligation to practice for barcelona! thanks!!!

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