Why I Love Vegas–Part II

4. Half price ticket booths.
5. Awesome restaurants, many of which you can get discounts for by making reservations through adore mentioned half priced ticket booths (and all you have to do is call–no standing in line required!)
6. The daily schedule–eat, pool, drink, eat, nap, drink, show, eat, drink.
7. The fact that all shows involve people hanging from ropes and/or tasteful partial nudity (well, the shows we go to have tasteful, partial nudity. There are, of course, other less tasteful, less partial options.)
8. How everything is connected by pedestrian walkways, bridges, trams, and people movers.
9. Mist-ers everywhere, and air conditioned casinos with the doors wide open. Wasteful–yes. Necessary given the weather–yes.
10. The great people watching. Example–homeless man with sign ‘I’m not gonna lie, I want to drink’. I very nearly doubled back to give him five bucks (but I was on an afore mentioned people mover.)

2 responses to “Why I Love Vegas–Part II

  1. Adore the Vegas schedule! (#6)

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