Why Packing Light Rocks

All of the beauty products I took to Vegas

We’ve been home for a little over three hours now.  We are unpacked, and all of the laundry is done.  And that, my friends, is why packing light rocks.  Additionally, it took about ten minutes to ‘repack’ everything we’d unpacked at the hotel when getting ready to leave, and we got to marvel at the idiots in the elevators, toting wheeled bags that definitely weighed more than they did (because, typically, the largest bags were carried by the tiniest–and most attractive–women.  If it takes that much stuff to be pretty, I’ll be plain, thank you very much!)  After my first longer-than-a-weekend trip with only a backpack, I can honestly say it is a revelation.  I shall never travel any other way again.  And if I could do it in Vegas–where even men wear makeup, and a typical day requires at least three wardrobe changes–I can do it anywhere.  And do you know what?  I don’t think I looked like a touristy schlump, either.  Please see photo below for an example of me on a typical day in Vegas.

What I took:

Seven dresses

One additional (strapless) bra

One bathing suit with a skirt cover up

One pair of rubber flip flops (in addition to the shoes on my feet–Gold Birkenstocks)

Seven pairs of undewear

A rolled up pool bag

An extra small purse

Two necklaces

Makeup shown in picture above

A toiletry bag with my own shampoo and conditioner, face soap, a disposable razor, and a small bottle of moisturizer.

Three books to read in the pool (I was not taking my Kindle into a large body of water)

Emergency girl products (not elaborating more)

My netbook, kindle, and digital camera, with all chargers.

This all fit into my Kelty 2650 with ample room to spare–I actually had to use the compression straps to keep things from flopping about (though it is important to note that the kindle and digital camera were in the purse I took with me–the same one I bought for Europe)  And

What packing light looks like going out to dinner

again, I will be taking less than this one our month-long trip.  Perhaps I will bring seven dresses–but probably not.  I have four that I really like, and I plan to wear those over and over again, perhaps adding a fifth less practical dress for the occasional night at a nicer restaurant (likely the one show to the right).  I will take fewer pairs of underwear (and do laundry) and no flip flops.  I’ll be taking fewer toiletries, as I can buy those things there–in Vegas, a disposable razor is either miles away at a distant CVS, or is $18 in a casino gift shop–and no jewelry.  The only books coming with me are guide books, and they are tiny Time Out City Guides.  I feel very good about this.  Even the husband looked Rick Steves chic in his quick-drying polo shirts and zip-off pants/shorts combo–and he had to pack for both a weekend conference in the Midwest and a week with me in Vegas.

And have I mentioned that all of our laundry is already done???!!!???


2 responses to “Why Packing Light Rocks

  1. Love the dress! I’m planning on all dresses for our upcoming Europe trip, but there is NO way I can take such a small amount of make-up…I’m over 40!

    • thanks! the dress was $12.99 at marshalls! and yes, you can go without makeup. women are beautiful–we just are–no matter what age. i promise. try it–you’ll like it. oh and a tip for the all dresses (that i got from the rick steves message board) bring a pair of bike shorts for any sort of activity that would make a dress inappropriate. tiny and almost weightless, they make a dress something you can hike/bike/horseback ride in.

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