I Am Going on a Trip and I am Taking…

Ok, I lied–that last post was not my final post from home.  But come on–what am I supposed to do with my time until tomorrow?  Twiddle my thumbs?

I just completed downloading everything onto my Kindle that I feel I ‘need’ for this trip.  After all, we have two longs flights, several train rides, and two short flights during which I will need to be occupied.  Oh–and there’s the small matter of the husband falling asleep before I do, even after a day of sightseeing.  So, in the spirit of that great Girl Scout circle chanting game:

I am going to Europe, and I am taking…

1.  The last few chapters of The Lost Girls–a book about three 27 year old girls who quit their jobs and travel around the world.  A very dangerous book indeed.

2.  The second half of The Art of Travel, which is a fabulous sort-of travel memoir written by a philosopher.  I read the first half during SSR every Friday the last few weeks of school.

3.  World Without End–yes, I own it in ‘real book’ format, but it is so darned heavy I never pick it up.  I finished Pillars of the Earth after having surgery a few years ago–nothing like a lot of pain killers and the inability to stand to really help you finish a thousand page book.  And it was amazing–as was the bit of the beginning of ‘World’ that I’ve actually attempted.  Plus, it takes place in England.

4.  A Sense of Place:  Great Travel Writers Talk About their Craft–inspirational reading.

5.  Educating Alice:  Adventures of a Curious Woman–basically, this woman did exactly what I want to do.  She quit her job, traveled around the world learning about things that interested her, and wrote about it.  Could I be more jealous?  No, I could not.

6.  Writing Away–A Creative Guide to Awakening the Journal Writing Traveler.  Right–because my travel writer needs to be awakened?  Oh and warning–I just found out I have wifi in the apartment in Paris.  So many, MANY more blog posts will be forthcoming.

7.  The Shadow of the Wind–kind of like the Da Vinci Code, but taking place in Barcelona.

8.  Books three, four, and five of The House of the Night Series.  Yes, this is fluffy, young adult vampire crap, but I love it.  It will get me through any turbulence–literal or figurative.


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