My Last Blog Post

This will be my last blog post until I return home.  Why?  This comment:

“For an English teacher, your spelling (i.e. cemetery not cemetary), vocabulary and use of punctuation is painful to read.”

Dear person who wrote that–f*ck you.  As I mentioned in my comment back, I’m ON VACATION.  Nothing I’ve written has been a great work of literary genius, and I’ve not proofread most of it because I’M ON F-ING VACATION and even doing this takes long enough.  So I will continue to write–because I must, it is what I do–I will just not post it.  Because aside from proofreading and editing, I also do not want to waste my time in Paris being pissed off at asshole comments.  Tracy out…

OH–and BY THE WAY–it should be ‘are painful to read’.  The three items you have issue with are THREE items, thus you need the plural form of to be.  How’s that for English teaching?


15 responses to “My Last Blog Post

  1. Right? Do you even know that guy?
    I’m sorry his is such a loser thar he has nothing to do but read an informal blog about a stranger’s vacation, and pick it apart for grammatical errors.

  2. Tracy…don’t let this be yourl last blog…the person who wrote that isn’t worth your time….don’t let him win!! I enjoy reading your blogs…as you said when we type blogs or this we type fast and we don’t proofread so we all have typos and if someone wants to make a big deal out of it let him/she drop dead. As I said, I’m so happy that you are having some good days…..I want to know how your dinner turned out.


  3. Oops, look typo should be your last not yourl last

  4. Don’t stop blogging because of some A#$hole! I enjoy your posts!


  6. Look, I did not seek this board out, it was promoted multiple times on the Rick Steves travel board.

    That said, I really don’t want to add to your current challenges. I didn’t know my comment would cause such strife. Please accept my apology.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip.

    • Well Michael, since you apologized to Tracy, I will apologize to you for calling you a pathetic prick with no life. Please accept my apology.

  7. Tracy, I hope you do not stop posting. I am enjoying your blog very much. I am getting to travel vicariously though it! We had to stop our international travles 3 years ago when my mother-in-law had a stroke. And I was used to going twice a year! I’ve also enjoyed your honesty. I hope things continue to improve on your trip. If you stop posting, know that we will miss you.

    • well, i just went out for wine and tiramisu (did i spell that correctly?) with my husband, and i feel a bit better. i’m not going to stop posting, but i am going to post less frequently, but with more focus. the reason that comment bothered me so much is because writing is something i love very much–and something i strive to do well. but i’ve not had the time or the focus needed for quailty writing. hell–i bought this netbook for the sole purpose of being able to write whilst traveling, and have been jotting down ideas of possible writing topics (including ones i can use with my students) ever since we arrived. but this blog is NOT a great work–it’s been little more than the end credits for each day of our trip. and that’s not what i want. it’s also been typed directly into wordpress, on a very small keyboard. i realize that’s not an excuse, but in this one instance–the instance of my writing ability–i am very sensitive. and now i’m doubting the grammatical correctness of every single sentence i write (and the spelling–did i get grammatical correct?)

  8. Oh Tracy,

    Please don’t let that comment on spelling or grammatical correctness make you doubt yourself, or write less.

    You have real fans following your trip (for better or for worse), and we are definitely not secretly doing a spell check on you! No one should expcet a blog while travelling, to be perfect in every way. I don’t know how you do it. I always have good intentions to do something similar when I travel but never could figure out the time so mainly send off emails.

    You’re doing a wonderful job of expressing yourself.

    Continue being you!


  9. Tracy, I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. As for the poster that p*ssed you off, that goes with having a blog out in public. You’ve just met a troll, and a very mild one at that! Trolls love to mock people, insult their appearance (if they have pics on the blog), and so on. What they really want, in their pathetic little minds, is attention. Nobody in the real world pays them much heed, but if they get a response on a blog (or even better start a flame-war) then they know that a living breathing person finally noticed them and paid attention.

    In other words, you’ve just said to the troll “you got what you were looking for”. And, fair enough, its your vacation time and blog to spend as you which. Many people just delete posts from trolls, considering it a price of being out in the public/internet eye.

  10. Please keep up your blog! I just got back from a similar trip and although I had a great time, I was surprised at some of the negative feelings I had (crowds and heat, especially) and I am truly enjoying your honesty. It’s so refreshing in this la-la land of happy travelers.

    Ignore all nit-pickers and think of us who are home and enjoying your trip vicariously!

  11. Listen to what Mike says! I believe that there are people out there so miserable with their own lives that the only joy they have is try and hurt others. Don’t let him distract you from something you love to do.

    I also love writing. I believe I have a novel inside of me, but I really need to be more disciplined in the art of journaling my daily thoughts. Blogging is a great way to do this! As an English teacher, you know how important it is to JUST WRITE…get your thoughts on the page…with no regards for spelling, grammar, or punctuation…you can always fix that later. The things you are writing now may be the novel others are downloading onto their Kindles in the future.

    Keep writing, sister…I’m truly enjoying it, as our many others.

  12. Michael, how many typos can you find in my post?

  13. Tracy, I’m very sorry your dream trip has turned out to be such a challenge. I think perhaps the main problem was the “dream” part. Once you hit the ground it’s all about reality, and that can be jarring. But once you get a handle on reality, you can make the best of it and enjoy it. Let the dream go and see what charm you can find in the reality.

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