Favorite Destination?

You all knew I’d be back…

I think I can officially say that Paris is growing on me.  Kind of like the way mold grows on really good cheese.; you wonder how it can possibly be a good idea, but it is.  

We finally visited Notre Dame today (not the tower–holy long line, literally) and arrived during a mass, which was pretty interesting.  We then checked out Sainte Chapelle, which is much, much smaller than–but much more amazing than–Notre Dame.  But my favorite part of the day was a cruise down the Seine.  We’ve not done anything so relaxing thus far, and in fact, it may top my overall list of things I’ve enjoyed.

Yes, clearly, Paris is growing on me.  I wouldn’t say it is the best place I’ve ever been–yet–but it is firmly in the middle of my continuum of places I’ve visited that I’ve enjoyed.

At dinner tonight, the husband and I discussed this continuum.  He thinks it is unfair to include non-city locations with city locations, but I disagree.  I feel that including all trip destinations should be included, to give a better picture of the kinds of things one enjoys.  So here’s my list, in order of preference.  Please note: items at the bottom are just that–at the bottom.  As in ‘I’d rather eat rusty nails than return’. 

1.  Vancouver

2.  Martha’s Vineyard

3.  Sitka (Alaska)

4.  Paris

5.  D.C.

6.  Las Vegas

7.  Burlington (Vermont)

8.  London

9.  Orlando (Florida)

10.  Philadelphia

11.  New York City

12.  Ocean City (Maryland)

Yes, I think that about covers it.  And while I realize it is absolutely unfair to compare, say, Paris with, say, Burlington, they are all places I’ve been and have strong feelings about.  Additionally, I shall soon have to add Amsterdam to the list, as we leave for our two day ‘day trip’ in less than eight hours. 

So–what’s your list?


7 responses to “Favorite Destination?

  1. I find it quite difficult to fathom someone liking Philthadelphia better than NYC and OCMd. Of course, I definitely have a negative bias toward that city.

  2. Hi Tracy, glad to see you came back. So happy that you went to Sainte Chapelle, I agree with you about it…it’s so beautiful. Fantastis, London isn’t on the bottom of your list…..maybe someday you will give London another try. I love NYC, but Londn is my favorite. DC would be at the bottom of my list.

    I think you will like it in Amsterdam, hope you get to the Van Gogh museum. Let us know!!


  3. Hi Tracy, Here is my quick list!

    San Francisco Bay Area and Northern CA
    Mexico City (Mainly becuase I really want to go back)
    Cinque Terre, Italy
    Oaxaca and San Cristobal, Mexico
    Mesa Verde, Arches National Park, Grand Canyon
    San Juan Islands
    LA and Portland, Oregon
    Ocean City Maryland
    Playa del Carmen

    And the only place I don’t like is Playa Del Carmen…

    That was really hard.

  4. Wow…not sure if I could do a list like that right now…maybe after this upcoming trip.

    I know that I LOVE and hope to return multiple times to:

    Germany (all of it!)

    San Diego

    San Antonio

    Gulf Coast of Alabama




    I LIKE the following, have been to each a few times, and probably will return cuz they are cheap and easy to get to:



    Puerta Vallarta

    I DISLIKED the following places and plan to never return:

    New Orleans (it smelled and was really dirty)


  5. I couldn’t rank every place I’ve been, so I just did a top ten:
    1. Paris
    2. Rouen, France (while it doesn’t have the best sites, the best weather etc. it was my home for half a year and was the place where I was able to live out my dream of living in France)
    3. Edinburgh
    4. Munich
    5. San Francisco
    6. Montreal
    7. Florence
    8. New York
    9. Copenhagen
    10. Toronto

    There are very few places I have visited and disliked, but here are three places I have no urge to visit again

    1. White Plains, NY
    2. Cozumel, Mexico (turns out I can’t do the resort thing)
    3. Bremen, Germany

  6. I won’t even list NYC because I live nearby and have been a city lover for years. But here goes with my list:
    1. Venice, Italy
    2. Venice, Italy
    3. Venice, Italy
    4. Venice, Italy
    5. Venice, Italy
    6. Venice, Italy
    7. Venice, Italy
    8. Venice, Italy
    9. Venice, Italy
    10.Venice, Italy
    No kidding – my husband jokes that if I could visit Venice once a month, I would be extremely happy.
    Maybe you and Doug should add it to your next trip – which should be Italy!

  7. Hmmm…Have not been to many places…but THIS is my short list…All places I Love….
    1. Macungie, PA
    2. St Emilion, France
    3. Paris, France
    4. Greentown, PA
    5. St. Louis, MO
    6. Skippack, PA
    7. Ontario, Canada

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