I’m starting to like it here more and more.  The thing I like the most is how far away it feels from my normal life.  My normal life is kind of annoying; parts of it creep into this life, and I’m at the point of simply swatting those parts away.  I hope this attitude continues after I return home–though it may require a severe lifestyle change.  Of course, I’ll keep you all posted.


3 responses to “Dangerous

  1. Good for you, Tracy.

    Let us know what you’ve been doing in Paris…enjoy reading your about your days in Paris.


  2. That’s altot of what travel is about for me… giving me a clearer perspective of my “real” life. And… giving me a “place to go in my mind” when real life is hard. I’m so glad you are starting to have a better time.

  3. Marilyn Leslie

    Hi Tracy,
    Glad to know that things have turned around for you. If you have time,stop by Parc Monceau, it is by Ave Malsherbes very peaceful. There is a small street market close by, where you can grab a few things for a picnic- but of course- no sitting on the grass:)! metro stop Monceau. street market on Rochefort-used to hang on there as a student-many years ago.

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