The Epic Journey Home

I’m currently in the middle of the epic, two day journey home from Paris, and I’m so tired.  Though I realize that many of you would like to hear of said epic journey, it’s going to have to wait until I get home.  I finally have tv in English, and my own little airport hotel pod to call my own–but more on that later.  Tune in on Wednesday for the trip home highlights, and lots of post-trip introspection.


One response to “The Epic Journey Home

  1. I hope you make it home safely. After reading through several of your posts, some of your vocabulary struck me. When my wife and I talk about and plan our summers, we have begun to differentiate between a vacation and a trip. To us, a vacation is relaxing – you go somewhere to do nothing. Being from Florida, that is usually the beach for us. A trip is an adventure. You go expecting to challenge yourself and experience new and unfamiliar things. A vacation would never have to be obsessively planned, a trip might require such.

    Even though you have been doing huge amounts of work for this trip, it sounds like you planned to get to Europe and have it be a vacation. Making this distinction ahead of time has really helped our attitude on trips. Even the trip we are currently on (we catch our flight home in 5 hours) we had several days where all I wanted to do was go home and skip the rest of the trip. But we were able to isolate those days by moving around and not staying solely in big cities.

    Anyway, it sounds like you learned a lot and I’m sure you will have some happy memories of the trip. Hopefully, if you are able to differentiate between and trip and a vacation in the future it will help.

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