When You Gotta Go…

…click HERE.  I’ve been meaning to link this to my blog for over a month now–it’s a google map providing the locations of automated toilets in Paris.  They are called ‘sanisettes’, and they are not that scary to use (and better than nothing, which is often your alternative).  My husband and I made this map ourselves late at night our second day in Paris, when we realized that peeing in Paris was going to prove challenging for me and my teeny, tiny bladder.  I saved the page as an app on my iPhone, and it did occasionally come in handy, so I thought I’d share it with the world.  It does not include the locations of all sanisettes, just the ones in the arrondissements we were visiting–pretty much all of the touristy areas.

A word of warning:  like everything in Paris, they are not always in working order.  The link is also now available in my sidebar.

2 responses to “When You Gotta Go…

  1. Your map is really good.

    • Thanks! I meant to finish it–with all of the areas–but never got around to it. Hopefully it will help someone else out there!

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