Message Board Madness

I’ve discovered something about travel message boards–with only one exception, some people on all travel message boards can be really mean.  Now, I’m not saying that all people on message boards are mean–I’d say about 85% of message board people are really nice and helpful.  Hell, I planned most of our last trip with lots of help from the wonderful people at Rick Steves.  But there are some people that just cannot resist the urge to be judgmental jerks just because the internet provides that evil catalyst, anonymity.

However, I did mention that there was one exception, and it is rather amusing.  I’ve encountered mean people on message boards dealing with topics from Thalys trains to Caribbean cruises–but no one has ever been mean to me on the Disney World Message Board.  Everyone there is really, really nice.  Maybe it really IS a magical kingdom!



2 responses to “Message Board Madness

  1. Hi Tracy – Glad to hear your making travel plans. Disney is the most fun place on earth. And you are so right – there are nice people at RIck Steves……..but many of the posters are just plain snarky.

  2. Reading R.S. travel blog a few time a week has become a habit. Recently I noticed some of the mean, sarcastic remarks by some of the bloggers.
    I used to participate but after I was attacked for my views by one particular person on several occassions, I decided to give it up. I haven’t been able to travel for a while and kind of live vicariously thru the experience of others. I love to travel and to share travel experience and advice. Seems like I am always planning my next trip to France, Italy or UK. I’d prefer not to travel alone so I used R.S. “looking for travel partners”.
    Since I received virtually no interest, I posed the question-Has anyone ever hooked up with a travel partner? This question was immediately deleted and I’m not sure why. While reading R.S. today, I found this link and am so happy I did.
    The question of “toilets” is very important to some of us – older people, IBS suffers, people eating and drinking different foods etc. Some people have to build their trip abound toilet locations. One of my memories of traveling to Italy was on a tour bus whose toilet was unusable.
    An elderly man couldn’t wait for the next toilet stop and had an accident. Now, I have a fear of the same happening to me. That’s why I am thankful for your toilet map.

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