Help Me Plan My Next Trip!

I can no longer blindly Google.  I’ve run out of search term combinations.  I’ve tried ‘mother-daughter’ trips, girl getaways, relaxation vacations, family travel, resorts close to airports, top US spa destinations–and, according to my browser history, that was all before breakfast!

I need help.

And I know people read this blog.  I assume those people like to travel.  So–travel people–please help.  Where should my mother and I go on a mother-daughter trip this spring?

Here are the details (you shall soon see why this has proven difficult):

Purpose of Trip–To relax.

Trip Dates–The third week of April (this is non-negotiable), ideally Monday-Friday, but can extend into the weekends just a bit if need be.

What mom doesn’t want–To leave the country, to be massaged, to gamble, or to sit in the sun (and I want to go to Vegas or the Caribbean)

What I don’t want–To spend hours traveling from the airport to wherever we’re going, to be cold or wet, or to have little or nothing to do (and she wants to go to Myrtle Beach)

Places we’ve considered–Sedona (too cold and too far from the airport), Savannah (not enough to do but still at the top of our list), Jackson Hole (too cold in April), The Grand Canyon (same as Sedona, obviously).

Places I’ve researched–Club Med Sandpiper Bay (too expensive), Canyon Ranch Spa (also too expensive), and several all-inclusive resorts (all out of the country, all in the sun).

I thought going on a cruise would be a good idea, and I spent days looking at cruise options.  We finally picked one (we=me, with a bit of mom-input) and then she decided to add the ‘not wanting to leave the country’ clause, which nixed that whole plan (though if anyone out there could write up a convincing rebuttal for her involving why Caribbean islands should not count as ‘leaving the country’–as everything there is created for tourists–that would be great!)  So I spent a great deal of this morning plus most of detention duty researching other options, and I’m literally all over the map.

I need help.  Readers–I know you are out there–please help!  Suggestions are beyond welcome!

Oh and also–my husband and I have four days in May to go somewhere with sort of the same restrictions.  Well, actually the only restriction is that it not take forever to get there.  We’re ok with a mid-length plane ride, but not one that ends with a three hour bus ride to our final destination (sadly, most resorts require this–trust me, I’ve googled!)  See–Vegas really is the best place on earth.  It takes four hours to get to the airport and then ten minutes later you are in the casino with a gin and tonic–unless you are yelled at by a clearly-does-not-know-his-place airport security guard!  But even then, you eventually have that gin and tonic and tickets to Jersey Boys, and all is right with the world.



2 responses to “Help Me Plan My Next Trip!

  1. If you want a cruise – what about a Mississippi River cruise? Old fashioned paddle wheel steam boat? Could be fun. If Savannah doesn’t quite fit the bill, what about Charleston (or Beaufort SC). Asheville NC- the Biltmore house, artists coumminty, rhodedendron (sp) blooming, antiquing, Blue Ridge Parkway. There’s an inn – I think called the Grove Park Inn- very very nice, or lots of B & Bs. Tahoe- fly into Reno, bus to tahoe takes about 40 min. – gamble, shop, spas, scenery.

    Most of these work for both trips. I’ll think and see if I come up with more.

    • Actually, we were considering Charleston before we ‘decided’ on Savannah–I’m now revisiting it. Seems like a great town, and the weather will be nice. And thanks for the Grove Park rec–looks perfect for my husband and myself in May–I’ll run it by him. Thanks!

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