Mother Daughter Trip Decision

At least I think it is a decision.  We kicked around many, many destinations, and only one met all of our needs–plus one ‘want’ which is and always will be ‘wine’.  We’ve settled on a classic driving-on-windingly-scenic-roads-in-a-convertible tour of the Napa Valley.  It makes sense–we both love wine, we both love being less in a city and more in the country, and Italy is out.  So Napa wins…for now, anyway.

We figure we can fly into San Francisco, stay for a night and a day to see the city (exactly long enough to become annoyed with it), and then drive North for a few days.  The mom wants to do the wine train, which sounds like fun (though is a bit expensive) and likely we’ll do an additional day touring wineries.  Then, depending upon distance and where we’re staying, we’d like to do some light hiking, ideally near some very tall trees.  I’ve not done much research yet, but it seems like this might just be possible.  And if it is–I think we’ve found our winning location!  Stay tuned for excited ‘yay we booked it!’ posts.

And speaking of staying tuned, we’re leaving for the Orlando NCTE convention in just over two weeks.  Am I excited?  You bet your mouse ears I am!  And you, dear reader, should be excited, too.  I’m sure at least one part of the trip will be a horrible wreck, and you get to read about it!  That or I’ll love it there, and become my greatest fear–an adult who wears Disney character clothing.  I shudder at the thought…



7 responses to “Mother Daughter Trip Decision

  1. You know, some of us “adults who wear Disney character clothing” are pretty cool. Just sayin’.

    We truly love Disney as a vacation destination. It’s clean, it’s fun, there are a myriad of entertainment options. I hope you will enjoy your trip and the conference.

    • Yes, I know–actually, a very good friend slash coworker is one of those people! This does not mean I don’t make fun of him–but yes, he is pretty awesome! Plus I’m pretty sure I’ll end up becoming one of ‘those people’–and I solemnly vow to post a photo of me all decked out in my Disney garb!

  2. If Napa doesn’t work out, consider flying into Charlotte , picking up a car, driving up to Ashville, see the Biltmore house and tour their winery- visit some of the artists. Then drive over to the Winston-Salem area and tour the winery(wineries?) owned by some Nascar drivers (I know- weird- but the wine is actually pretty good) then spend some time in Old Salem (recreation of Moravian setelement like Willimasburg but smaller and cooler I think). On the way back to Charlotte you could stop at Reid’s Gold Mine and learn about the FIRST gold strike and gold rush in the US (100 years before Califorina’s). Then when back in Charlotte you could tour the Mint museum- now an art museum in the old origianl Charlotte Mint. And if you wish, the NASCAR museum (if interested in that contact me- we own the hotels next door to it). Charlotte also has some good theatre and other art museums and we are not that big a city.

    • Wow! Toni–you should write a ‘how North Carolina is just as good as California Wine country’ guide! Everything you listed is very similar to everything we’re looking to do in California–and it’s a much shorter flight! And yes, the Nascar winery does sound odd, but if the wine’s good I wouldn’t much care! Thanks for the GREAT info–I will pass it along to my mom!

  3. I just recalled that the “NASCAR” winery near Winston Salem is owned by David Childers. There may also be one owned by Jeff Gordon- but not sure of its location. There’s lots to do in NC! You could also drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway (if its not closed by weather). Is your trip with Mom in May? I don’t recall. The flowers should be lovely then. There is a botanical garden (David Stowe Gardens) in Belmont (about 15min. from downtown Charlotte). We have some great theatre at various times and lots of concerts, too. As I said, we own 2 hotels in downtown Charlotte and 5 others around the city. We’ve also built luxury condos atop the downtown hotels. Feel free to email me if I can help.

  4. Hope I’m not bugging you, but I found another bit of info for you today. A friend told me about a winery she visted last weekend. It is called Chateau Maurcet (sp?) and is located off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Medows of Dan, Virgina. Easily driveable from either Asheville or Winston-Salem or Charlotte.

    • Nope, not bugging me at all. In fact, just as soon as I get a chance, I’m making my husband read all of what you wrote, as I’m thinking that will be our husband/wife trip in May. The mother daughter trip is in April, and we’re solid on Napa–but for a four day weekend, your plan sounds FANTASTIC (and closer than anything else we were considering!) Thanks!

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