I am a Disney Slacker

Yesterday was interesting.

Background info:  I occasionally write reviews of local theater productions for the local press.  I’m just all kinds of local that way.  Yesterday was my first ‘assignment’ after an unfortunate incident involving a Tennessee Williams play this past spring.  The objective–view and review a Christmas dinner theater musical revue (I spelled it ‘review’ in the review–fortunately the editor is awesome and fixed it)  As it was a dinner theater, there was a meal served; I typically imagine dinner theater to involve a meal during the show–this meal was before the show.  I took my mother, and we were seated with one other ‘couple’ also of the related and completely female variety.

The younger of the two happened to be an expert on Walt Disney World.  It was an awesome dinner.

As soon as she learned that I was to be visiting the happiest place on earth, she perked up and became super helpful.  This continues to sustain my belief that the only nice people on earth are huge Disney fanatics (and my belief that no, I’ll never be nice).  She gave me many great tips about where to go for various meals including breakfast (which, after all, is the most important meal of the day, especially when you have no time for lunch because you are at convention sessions all day long!)

But there were some bits of advice I could not take.  For example, she seemed convinced that if I didn’t get to as many parks as humanly possible, I would forever regret it.  I tried explaining that we’re there for work and as such, we just don’t have that much time (or energy), but it was to no avail.

I did manage to convince her that a rental car would be a bad idea.  ‘I like to be transported’, I said.  Her reply–‘yes, but having your own car is so convenient!’  I finally stopped her Hertz rant with ‘well, we also drink’.  Yep, that ended that conversation right fast!

She also was convinced that our decision to spend our only ‘full’ day (which isn’t even a full day, as my husband has meetings that evening) at the Magic Kingdom was a very poor choice.  I didn’t even try to explain that one, as who could understand my child-like desire to ride the teacups, no matter what?  How could I explain that yes, I may miss some super cool shit in Hollywood Studios, but I’d pay the price of admission just to stand in front of Cinderella’s Castle and pretend that I’m eight years old?

I admit it–I’m making some poor decisions when it comes to maximizing my trip.  But I do have a pretty rockin’ convention schedule that I just typed up today that I’m beyond excited about, and the ability to experience the mind-numbing cheerfulness of It’s a Small World AND stroll about Epcot for a few hours after a long day of convention-ing.  And that’s all pretty magical in my book.

8 responses to “I am a Disney Slacker

  1. People in the Disney community call people who believe that you have to go to as many parks as humanly possible “commando” tourists. They have to hit every ride, every attraction and usually wear themselves (and their families) out chasing the fun. We find that we have a lot more fun when we take a zen-like approach to Disney. I think it is perfectly fine for you to want to “be a little girl” again at Disney, and look at the Castle or ride the teacups. Dave and I have been known to sit on a bench and watch the kids playing in fountains or spend hours watching the gorillas in Animal Kingdom. I hope, though, that if you enjoy your taste of Disney, you will want to go back for a longer visit….at which time you can hit all the rides and attractions you wish.

    • Yes–if we like it, we will definitely go back. Hell, we went to Vegas two years in a row! I think it is good that I’m getting this ‘taste’ of Disney (as you so aptly put it) because I probably would have died having never visited–but now that I ‘have to’ go, I’m super excited!

      Next year I’ll ‘have to’ visit Chicago, as that’s where the NCTE convention is. Yet another place I never thought I’d go but am now very excited about (but not as excited as I am about Orlando!)

  2. Tracy, “maximizing” your trip/time should mean making FIT YOU- not someone else’s idea of what it should be! You seem to have learned that lesson well. Your comment about standing in front of Cinderella’s castle made me think of one of Disney’s new comercials- where the parents turn into kids- the mom and her daughter are standing right where you describe. I think you will enjoy your trip. You are approaching it with the right attitude- ie. listen to others, take the advice you think applicable and ignore the rest.

    • Yeah, I’ll probably stand in front of the castle and cry–just imagining that commercial makes me want to sob! I”m so insane!

  3. Tracy, I’m not sure why I’m obsessing on your spring trips, but I worked up a tentative plan for your 4 day weekend with hubby. See what you think:
    Thursday drive from home to Meadow s of Dan Va. (about 5 hours). Tour wingery in afternoon. Spend the night nearby.
    Friday- drive to Ashville NC. (about 3 hours). Check into Grove Park Inn. Visit artists’ colony/ shop. Have a couple’s spa treatment. Dinner.
    Sat. – tour Biltmore house and winery. Another spa treatment or drive along Blue Ridge Parkway.
    Sun. Drive home (about 8.5-9 hours)

    • You’re not obsessing, you’re being helpful! Thank you! Though what I’m thanking you for is making me see that that plan is just not an option. For a ‘during the school year’ trip, that’s WAY too much driving. If we’re going anywhere farther than the airport, well, we’re going TO the airport to get on a plane! The amount of energy it takes to take days off during the school year is so insane–what with sub plans and then all the grading and dealing with issues that greets you upon return–that the only type of trip we can take is a relaxing one. I’m actually looking into all inclusive resorts anywhere within a three hour flight radius. Though for a future summer road trip, that plan sounds great as part of a longer southern trip!

  4. Yeah, I’m glad I’m finally out of school (retired a couple of years ago after 30+ years as teacher and assistant principal in middle schools). You could fly to Charlotte, stay at our downtown Hilton hotel, do day trip to Biltmore, day trip to Winston-Salem, tour some of our art museums, go to Stowe Gardens and just chill. Charlotte seems like a strange place to visit, but it really is a hidden gem. Of course, Grove Park Inn in Asheville works too- it is really supposed to be special- even has a “gotto” like pool, I’ve heard.

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