Page Nine of Twenty-Eight

Yes, that’s right, the photo above actually is page nine of twenty-eight.  I’ve finished compiling my convention schedule, and after combining it with all of our travel and lodging information, the folder we will each be carrying with us will contain twenty-eight pages of information.  More than half of those pages are color coded, to maximize our convention experience.

The only leisure information included in said twenty-eight pages pertains to dinner reservations.  I will not be eating lunch very often, as convention days are extremely busy.  But I did include a daily note for the lunch-less days to ‘bring a granola bar’.

Exactly one week from right this very minute, we will be on the ground in Orlando, nerdy folders in had, ready for our second NCTE convention to commence.  I feel ready.

Now I just need to check the weather and pack the backpacks!

2 responses to “Page Nine of Twenty-Eight

  1. Ok- you’re over planning a bit again… only a little though. I remember what educational conventions can be like. You need a map as well as a spred sheet sometimes to be sure you make it to the sessions you want to attend.

    But don’t push too hard physically. Skipping lunch totally can make you grumpy- remember Paris? Don’t just depend on granola bars. Too much sugar and fat and junk in most of them. One thing Disney does well, is provide a lot of “alternative” snacks for purchase. When we were last there (admittedly over 15 years ago) they were already selling pieces of fresh fruit, fruit cups, whole grain bagels, etc at some of the snack stands. I bet you will be able to grab something like that even on your “lunchless” days. Or pack some ziplocs and pick up a bag of nuts at the airport after landing. Take a baggie with you. They give you protein and fiber and good trace minerals to get you through lond days. I envy you…. wish I were going….

    Have Fun!!!

    • Ok, I admit maybe I am a teensy bit overplanning, I am planning WAY less than I did last year. Having done this convention once before really made the process easier, quicker, and shorter. And, to be fair, only thirteen of those pages were convention schedule–the rest were travel documents (print outs of hotel and flight confirmation emails etc.) And thinking about the food situation now, maybe because the sessions are in resorts–and not convention centers (well, convention centers within resorts) there will be somewhere to eat. because last year the reason i missed lunch every day was because, well, there just wasn’t anywhere to get food! sure, they set up a little cafeteria in the exhibit hall, but there were seven thousand people there (and we all know how i feel about standing in lines!) i think taking food with me is a good thing. we’ll see how it goes!

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