Dear Santa–A Traveler’s Christmas List

Our tree from last year, inspired by the (day) trip featured in photos below...

All of this holiday cheer–and the fact that my husband and I just got back from a holiday shopping marathon–has made me wonder why there is not an easier way to buy me presents.

Wait…let me rephrase that.  It sounds greedy.  Ahem…why is there not a better way for me to get what I actually want for Christmas?

Nope…that was greedy too!  What I meant to say is–how do you buy gifts for a person (me) who prefers doing things to having things?  Of course, my husband wants a Christmas list from me–so do a few relatives.  But I don’t know what to tell them.  Making an attempt would look something like this:

Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year, I would really like to go to the Keys with my husband for a long weekend in May.  If you can’t swing that, Vegas would be fine too.  Or, if the economy is as bad on the North Pole as it is on the East Coast, I’d settle for somewhere within driving distance.  Colonial Williamsburg, perhaps.  Or Berkley Springs.  Though it might be too cold there in the spring.  So scratch that–Florida or Vegas.  I wouldn’t kick Universal Stuidos out of bed, either.

Additionally, we have one week in June when we can go somewhere, before my husband’s summer job begins.  I’m hoping for a cruise to Bermuda.  I’d prefer Norwegian Cruise lines, as I like the smaller ship better.  I realize it is going to be a bumpy trip, but I’m ok with that.  You would be too, Santa–I bet that sleigh is a pretty wicked ride.

Then, after my husband’s summer job begins, I have a whole month with nothing to do.  I’d really like to visit my friend in San Francisco.  I told her I’d be there soon, and that was several months ago.  Santa, I’d really like to get out to visit her if at all possible.

And while I’m on the subject of sunny (or, in the case of San Fran, foggy) California, I was thinking maybe I could rent a house in the Napa or Sonoma area for a few weeks.  But sometimes it is cheaper to rent by the month…so I’d be ok with a four week rental, too.  If there’s extra room in my stocking, you can slip in round trip tickets for my husband to come out and enjoy the wine country as well.  He’s done with his summer job the third week in July, so any time after that would be great.  I’ll chill some wine and have it ready for him when he arrives.

Thanks Santa, for taking the time to read and consider my requests.  Don’t bother with wrapping any of the above items–I’d be happy with an email itinerary.  Don’t forget the confirmation numbers!

Happy Holidays!


Longwood Gardens, Christmas 2009

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