I don’t usually do this but…

I received an ‘invite’ from Snique Away, and after MUCH googling decided it was a good idea.  It’s a travel ‘sale’ website associated with Tripadvisor (my number one most used travel website), and that makes me feel pretty good about it.  Basically it is a website that offers up very specific sales–to specific hotels, that is–and offers very low rates.  You can’t go here on a random day and book somewhere you already think you want to go, but you can visit from time to time to see if there’s something you’d be interested in–that is, if you are like me and always open to the idea of a new trip.  Just the fact that you are reading this blog makes me think that you are at least a little bit like me in that way!

I’m sharing it on here in case anyone is interested–so if you are, click HERE to join using my invite.  And I know you are all wondering what I get out of this–well, the actual answer to that is ‘nothing’–unless you book a trip (and then I get a $25 credit).  I’m assuming most people who read this humble little blog won’t actually book a trip, so I’m not doing this to get credits, just to share information and give everyone who reads this the chance to internet-window-shop-dream like I do!

Now on to what I was actually doing, which was searching my inbox for a pin code for Disney world–I’ve followed all the ‘how to increase your chances’ rules online, and so far there’s zip.  For my next post–our night at Epcot, trying to ‘drink around the world’.  Spoiler alert:  we didn’t make it all the way around!


2 responses to “I don’t usually do this but…

  1. I remember LOVING EPOCT when we went last….. more than 15 years ago! And is sounds like they’ve added even more cool stuff. I really enjoyed the Norway water ride. If you get to go back, do try the larger Chinese resturant. It is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY good.

    • The larger Chinese restaurant, eh? Huh…we were looking for somewhere in Epcot, and I already have reservations in France with my mom. Perhaps that’s where my husband and I will go. Thanks for the tip!

      As for Epcot, yes, it is awesome. We’re staying at the Dolphin for part II of our next trip just to be near to it–and getting park hopper passes for the same reason!

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