Google and You Shall Receive

I often travel alone, and I do so for a variety of reasons.  As I continue to work on my book proposal (and, hopefully, my book), I will be going solo even more frequently.  In fact, if everything works out, I hope to be gone for most of the summer–or, ideally, a big chunk of fall.  Fortunately, I love traveling alone–but the one thing I do not love are all of the me-less photos I end up with.

Which got me thinking.  There has to be some sort of iPhone gadget made for just this issue.  So, in preparation for solo-book-proposal-research-trip #1, I googled ‘iPhone 4 Monopod’…on my iPhone 4, of course (is it odd that I Google in bed?)  Within one minute, I had discovered the xShot iPhone case and the xShot extender–both of which were JUST RELEASED at last week’s Consumer Electronics show.  The show ended this past Sunday–the day AFTER I Google searched, and the day BEFORE I ordered both products from Amazon.

They arrived today, and as soon as I’m not wearing pjs, I plan to take some test photos and post them on here.  I also have big plans for adding video, as soon as I can get my WordPress app to stop crashing every time I try to attach one to a post.

So–what, exactly, do these exciting gadgets do.  Well, since a picture is worth a thousand words…

Exactly what I was looking for!

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