Even The Mad King Wasn’t This Mad


So, we’re planning a summer trip to Europe.  Again.  Before I begin my obsessive blogging on the subject, allow me to share our current plans.  Keep in mind–these plans will change.  Don’t they always?

If you’d like to know the route, please see the above map.  I will get into more details in later posts, as things are finalized . But the goal of this trip is to have a fun and relaxing time (as opposed to the butt-clenching stress I associate with last year’s trip).  We are going to achieve this by not over-planning.  For example, in an entire 24 hour period in, say, Munich, I’ve planned the following:  1.  Rent bikes.  2.  Ride bikes in park.  3.  Find beer for husband.  4.  Drink beer in park.

That’s it.  Other days look like this:  August 2nd–cruise Rhine.  August 10th–Amsterdam (note the complete lack of details!)  August 14th–check out Reyjkavik; drink.  You get the picture.  Our plans last year looked like this for London:

Check out of Easy Hotel Victoria EARLY–Take bags to Hoxton
9am–Tower of London
2:00–London Walks Old Westminster
Tube: Westminster Exit 4
Kensingon Gardens and Tea at the Orangerie
British Museum.  Open until 8:30pm
Night–West End Show and Dinner

And my plans looked like this for Paris:

Left Bank and Notre Dame
Highlights:  Luxembourg Gardens, Notre Dame
Ideal Day To Go:  Wednesday or Thursday by 2:00pm

Metro:  Two stops to Chatelet
RS Left Bank Walk OR Thursday 10:30am St. Germain Paris Walk
Picnic walk in Luxembourg Gardens
Metro:  Odeon two stops to Cite
Notre Dame–by 2pm for English Tour
Sainte Chapelle
Metro:  Cite to Les Halles
Gather dinner at Les Halles
Go home and eat dinner
Walk around and hold hands

Gee.  I wonder why we didn’t have a good time.  Or ever get to that last part–‘walk around and hold hands’.  Actually, I’m surprised we didn’t get to the ‘Doug throws Tracy in the Seine’ part.  Or ‘Tracy jumps in front of a Metro’.

The good news for you is that eventually I will post our detailed plans for the 2011 Germany-Austria-Belgium-Netherlands-Iceland trip on here, and you can make fun of those.  Actually, if I were you, I’d get started on the fun-making now.  Just typing all of those countries in a row tells me that I need to delete something (and I already deleted Salzburg and Prague!)  That and the fact that Google Maps wouldn’t allow me to add Reyjkavik to the map (as you clearly can’t drive there from Amsterdam) should have tipped me off, too.

Will I ever learn?



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